Katee Sackhoff on 'Longmire,' Saying Goodbye to Starbuck and Her 'Plan'

How's everything going?

Totally fine, I'm actually at physical therapy on the traction table right now.

What's up with you? I talked to you a few years ago and you were on a treadmill.

Yeah, well, I would rather be on a treadmill right now than be on a traction table. [Laughs]

So are you going to be screaming or something in the next little bit?

No, they're just stretching my spine out.

What injuries do you have?

I got hurt about three months ago. I hurt my back and I hurt my shoulders.

You did? Were you riding your motorcycle?

No, I wasn't, I was kind of working. I did it on a movie and I decided to keep my mouth shut. One of those things.

How do Comic-Con and Fan Expo fans treat you, generally, when you go to those events? People seem to love you.

Yeah, you know, sci-fi fans have always been really respectful and appreciative of everything that I do even when they probably shouldn't, when I do a couple movies that they probably should avoid. [Laughs] But they're fantastic and they're really supportive and it's a genre of very, very loyal fans.

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