Battlestar Galactica Solo Piano CD

Bear McCreary has released a new Battlestar Galactica CD!

The Music of Battlestar Galactica for Solo Piano was recorded and performed live on a world-class instrument by an equally world-class pianist: Joohyun Park.  The limited edition CD package contains exclusive liner notes from Randall Larson which are among the most insightful and highly-detailed analyses of my work I’ve ever read.  Larson chronicles the origin of each piece and conducted in-depth interviews with myself and Park about the process of arranging them for piano and producing the recording.

The CD track list includes every arrangement from the songbook:

CD #1:

1. Roslin and Adama

2. Wander My Friends

3. Passacaglia

4. The Shape of Things to Come

5. Dreilide Thrace Sonata No. 1

6. Elegy

7. Battlestar Sonatica

8. A Promise to Return

9. Allegro

10. Pegasus

11. Battlestar Muzatika

12. Prelude to War

CD #2:

1. Battlestar Operatica

2. Worthy of Survival

3. Something Dark is Coming

4. Violence and Variations

5. Resurrection Hub

6. Kara Remembers

7. Apocalypse

8. Wander My Friends (simplified version)

9. Roslin and Adama (simplified version)

BuySoundtrax Records and Bear have collaborated to produce a complete recording of the songbook.  The album is available beginning today from iTunes (in separate volumes I and II) or as a physical CD from the label’s website.

Source: Bear McCreary


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