Doctor Who - The Rest of Series 6

Den of Geek has reported on what is known about the rest of series 6.

Episode 8LET’S KILL HITLER!Writer: Steven MoffatDirector: Richard Senior
You’ve got to love the title. Will this story pick up the narrative of the Doctor running off to try and retrieve Amy’s baby? Quite possibly…

Episode 9UNTITLEDWriter: Mark GatissDirector: Richard Clark
This is the episode that was originally scheduled to be fourth in this year’s run, but it got moved to the second half of the series. Gatiss returns to write for the first time since Victory Of The Daleks, while Clark is directing his second episode this series, following The Doctor’s Wife. This was, once upon a time, set to be called What Are Little Boys Made Of?, but that title has since been changed.

Episode 10UNTITLEDWriter: Tom MacRaeDirector: Nick Hurran
Tom MacRae last wrote for Doctor Who the two-parter that reintroduced the Cybermen, Rise Of The Cybermen and The Age Of Steel. Details of his episode here are still unknown, though. The unconfirmed working title of this one is The Green Anchor.

Episode 11THE GOD COMPLEXWriter: Toby WhithouseDirector: Nick Hurran
This one’s set in a mysterious hotel, and is from Being Human genius Toby Whithouse. Geography keeps being messed with, we understand, and David Walliams is the big guest star. But there are also ventriloquists' dummies. Which look scary.

Episode 12UNTITLEDWriter: Gareth RobertsDirector: Steve Hughes
Gareth Roberts wrote The Lodger for series 5, and he brings James Corden back in the role of Craig Owens. Given the intriguing ending to The Lodger, we wonder if it’ll pick up some of the threads from there. Was Craig, for instance, eaten up by a crack in time? And don’t forget that Craig and the Doctor telepathically connected at one point. Is there something more to that?

Episode 13: series finaleUNTITLEDWriter: Steven MoffatDirector: Jeremy Webb
There have been various reports of who and what will be appearing in the big series finale, but we don’t want to put them here, for fear of over-spoiling things. Given the intensity of last year’s finale, The Big Bang, we have high hopes for this one.


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