Viper Mark II 48" Wallscape

Firepower for Your Flight Deck

Frag those frakkin' toasters with our jaw-droppingly detailed, screen-accurate Wallscape™ of the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Mark II.
Using the original studio 3-D digital model of Viper Mark II seen in the Sci-Fi TV series, QMx’s designers have created a completely maxed-out image of the Colonial space interceptor, right down to the battle damage.
There's a lot more to the Viper Mark II than you got to see onscreen. But now, thanks to new large-format decal printing technology, we're able to bring this fighter craft to you in a full 48 inches of incredible detail.
This super-sized vinyl sticker uses a special low-tack adhesive that allows you to reposition your Wallscape™ again and again.
So don't worry if the Cylons come lurking in your quadrant. You'll be ready to take them on with your own Viper Mark II Wallscape™.  Just $49.95.

Source: QMX


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