"Amy Pond To Change"

Karen Gillan has revealed that some changes are ahead for her character of Amy as the sixth series unravels.

In a recent interview for SFX magazine Karen Gillan, has revealed that Amy, will now have to deal with her difficult past in order to move forward.

“Well, with the last series, what I wanted to do with Amy is keep her really guarded,” she told the magazine. “She doesn’t like to show her emotions, because she wants to seem strong and she doesn’t like to be seen as vulnerable in any way, because of what happened to her in her childhood, so I kept her like that.”

“In this series, cracks are starting to form in that feisty exterior, and we’re starting to get glimpses into other aspects of her. And having her parents back in her life definitely does have an effect on her. But it’s kind of a mixed effect.”

Source: ScifiPulse 


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