Tricia Helfer Continues Crusade For Gulf Restoration

Tricia Helfer promotes a new outdoors awareness campaign,and is continuing her green campaign for Gulf restoration.

“Being from Alberta, I know first hand the incredible beauty that is there for the opportunities for those people who are free spirits and travelers who like to get out and experience things like horseback riding, canoeing, and hiking,” Tricia told 

“It’s raw and open. You can go up there on a hike and not see another person,” the actress continued while speaking from the Travel Alberta event. “You get in tune with nature. The amount of wildlife you can see and the amount of activities you can do, people just don’t know about it down here.”

In response to the Gulf crisis, she and Katee Sackhoff formed the Acting Outlaws to further their personal crusade to help restore the Gulf. With the one-year mark of the environmental catastrophe this week, Tricia is still persevering to keep this issue an issue in peoples’ minds.

“I just got an email form the Gulf Restoration Network, which was the charity we partnered with, about where we are a year later after the spill. It’s shocking how much is still left to be done yet,” she explained.

Tricia and Katee are currently in post-production on a documentary that chronicled a motorcycle road trip they took from Los Angeles to New Orleans on behalf of Acting Outlaws last October. The entire journey was shot with multiple cameras and they kept in touch with fans and supporters each night via online chats and Twitter updates.

“The trip was fantastic,” Tricia said. “We are in the final stages of editing the documentary. We are expecting the final rough cut in a week. Hopefully, in a month we will be shopping it around and putting it on our site after that. We had such an amazing time.”

Tricia is already eyeing possibilities for her next Acting Outlaws road trip.


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