Viper Mark II Artisan Replica by QMX

The QMx Viper Mark II Artisan Replica boasts a cockpit chock full of hand-cut details, including gauges, data screens, throttle, ejection seat, and seat belts with fabric belts and metalized buckles. But the pièce de résistance of the QMx Viper is the active, working DRADIS – a 9/16” OLED (organic light-emitting diode) video display of the remote sensing system in action, displaying the actual DRADIS video used in Battlestar Galactica. The canopy can be opened for an optimal view of the cockpit and this first-ever digital model effect.

In addition, the ship's three rear engines feature a pulsating lighting effect that is randomized using a white-noise generator.

Choose from three models:

Adama Edition. Signed by Edward James Olmos, who portrayed Admiral William Adama, this Viper features an analog gauge flight package and the call sign, “Husker” (the Husker call sign is only available in this edition). Admiral Adama piloted his Viper as a lieutenant; thus, this Artisan Replica has the look of a museum-restored piece. Customization is not an option for this classic version.

The Adama Edition comes complete with a 1:1 scale screen-accurate replica of the young lieutenant's dog tags, rendered in solid brass

Starbuck Edition. Signed by Katee Sackoff, who took on the role of Captain Kara Thrace, this more modern Viper sports a digital control panel that helped guide Starbuck on countless missions. Faint recon images of the Eye of Jupiter will occasionally flash on this Viper's (and only this Viper's) DRADIS readout. Battle ready, this model has a weathered finish and Starbuck's call sign on the sides of the cockpit (only available on the Starbuck Edition). Customization is not an option for this updated version.

The Starbuck Edition comes complete with a 1:1 scale screen-accurate replica of the bloody dog tag found in the remains of her wrecked Viper on Earth, complete with her wedding ring.

Fleet Edition. This is the choice for collectors who want to put their own mark on their Viper. The Fleet Edition is the only edition where you can customize* your ship, with a choice of:

One of several character names for the call sign on the side of the ship:

Commander Lee Adama “Apollo”
Lieutenant Brendan Constanza “Hot Dog”
Captain Marcia Case “Showboat”
Ensign Samuel T. Anders “Longshot”
Captain Raymond Lai “Raygun”
Lieutenant Noel Allison “Narcho”
Captain Louanne Katraine “Kat”
Lieutenant Diana Seelix “Hardball”
Lieutenant Margaret Edmondson “Racetrack”
Custom call sign and tail number (additional charge).
Level of weathering – light, moderate or heavy.
Choice of display base: Galactica hangar bay or gray deck with the Galactica logo.
Other special requests.

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