Propworx to Handle Caprica Auctions in 2011

Fans and collectors of all things Caprica will have the opportunity to bid on it's assets as early as January 2011.

Alec Peters, CEO of the California-based Propworx, is currently in Vancouver, Canada going through all of the Caprica assets and beginning the preparations for an official auction that will be held in 2011.

“I am actually surprised how much good stuff we are getting. We will have props, costumes and set decoration from all the main characters and sets,” Peters said, noting that a small percentage of the assets will go into the archives. “NBC is very astute in understanding about the balance between archives and running an auction.”

“If you look at Battlestar Galactica, half of what was is on display at the Science Fictions Museum in Seattle in their BSG exhibit is from my personal collection. Jack Morrissey, who is the other big BSG collector, and I act as BSG archivists ourselves. I think you can’t under-estimate the value of this. We support the official NBC archive this way,” Peters added.

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