New Character & Cast Starz Bios & Pictures

Lucretia is her husband’s foundation, always supportive of his dreams, however wild the direction they threaten to grow. Though conscious of the role she’s expected to play as a proper Roman woman, through the ideas she and her husband cultivate she will discover that when the moment most needs it, she has a true talent for maneuvering the levers of   power.      

                                                      Played by Lucy Lawless
                                                      Learn more about Lucy Lawless

Bold and impulsive where his father is restrained and conventional, Batiatus has newly come to inhabit his family’s ludus while his father is away attempting to regain his health. Wishing to seize more for himself and rise beyond his father’s station, Batiatus, with his wife Lucretia ever by his side fueling his ambitions, schemes beyond his reach.

                                                     Played by John Hannah
                                                     Learn more about John Hannah

A true physical specimen, fearless in the arena and possessed by a thirst for the fleeting pleasures of life, Gannicus is the gladiator a girl’s mother doesn’t want her to bring home. Newly promoted to the top position at Batiatus’ ludus, Gannicus is best friend to Oenomaus and his wife Melitta, forming an unlikely triangle of loyal friendship.

                                                     Played by Dustin Clare
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Oenomaus is not far removed from the status of top gladiator at the House of Batiatus, having only recently survived his fight with the legendary Theokoles. He longs to return to the sands of the arena and reclimb the peak he feels is rightfully his, but he is yet a slave like so many others and bound to the notions of his masters.

                                                      Played by Peter Mensah
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A longtime friend of Lucretia, Gaia arrives unannounced in Capua, bringing along her taste for certain vices. On the prowl for a new husband, endowed with beauty, sexual adventurousness and an
artful mind, she lends her assets to the cause of her friends, stoking
their schemes.

                                                     Played by Jaime Murray
                                                     Learn more about Jaime Murray

Personal slave to Lucretia and wife to Oenomaus, the lovely and dedicated Melitta struggles to balance the small portion of freedom she's attained within the villa. Subjected to the careless whims of her masters, she finds herself caught up in a web of desire and betrayal that threatens    to tear apart her fragile place in the world.

                                                     Played by Marisa Ramirez
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