Misfits - Series 3 and USA Remake?

Signs are emerging that the BAFTA-award winning and surprise hit of last year, Misfits, has already been commissioned for a third series as well as being remade for US television. But its creator doesn’t want a film version.

Although there is yet to be any official announcements, the news slipped out during a question-and-answer session between Jonathan Ross and Howard Overman. The event session – which was attended by the media and fans of the show – was being hosted in London to launch series 2 of the Channel 4 drama.

TV.com reports that, during the interview, Ross said, “There are more episodes coming next year . . . aren’t there?”

Slightly taken aback, Overman, the show’s creator, replied, “I was told not to mention that.”

Ross also asked about a possible US version of Misfits, but, again, Overman was hesitant in his reply. He said:

Again, I’m not sure I’m supposed to talk about that.

There’s been a lot of interest in it and talk about maybe doing an American version, but you just have to make sure it’s done in the right way.

Later in the interview, Overman talked about a possible movie version of the show. However, seemingly pouring cold water on one seeing the light of day, he said: “We’ve had some offers, but we decided that we’ve told that story already. Why charge people for a rehashed version of what they’ve already seen?”

Source: Digital Journal


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